Our Passion

ourjobyourjobsAt TwinWest, we are passionate about the success of your business. Here are a few of our core beliefs.

Our Mission

TwinWest is an advocate for business.  We are the voice of business in government and provide our members opportunities to grow their businesses and improve their communities.

Our Value Statements

MEMBERS: We care about our stakeholders. How we develop and implement programs, policies and services results in an engaged membership, a sense of inclusivity and a fun social environment.

ADVOCACY: We impact the business climate. We involve and inform members and influence public policy. We provide opportunities for members to advocate for one another.

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: We operate with an entrepreneurial spirit. We are proactive, innovative, creative and forward thinking.

GROWTH & DEVELOPMENT: We foster personal and professional growth and business and economic development.

COMMUNITY: We enrich our communities through our philanthropic activities and partnerships with schools and local governments.


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