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When you choose the TwinWest Chamber of Commerce as your business organization, you are joining 900 other businesses and 3,000 business leaders who make up the voice of business in the 10 cities within our footprint and beyond. As the Chamber continues to grow, so do the benefits available to our members.

TwinWest Membership 101

If you're thinking about joining the Chamber, or you're already a member and just need a quick refresher, read below for an overview of what you can do with your membership. Prospective and current members are also welcome to attend our hour-long Member Orientation sessions, typically held the first Wednesday of each month. Visit our event calendar for details.

As a TwinWest Chamber member, you can:

Build relationships and make new contacts to grow your business.
Market your business to an exclusive audience.
Become involved in influencing public policy to improve the business climate in your city, county, state and nation. Or, simply benefit from our efforts to do this on your behalf.
Develop your professional skills and knowledge.
Contribute your time, expertise and other resources to create a stronger local economy and a better-prepared workforce.
Take advantage of other member benefits, services and communications.

Other tips to help you make the most of your membership:

Encourage others in your company to become involved in TwinWest programs and activities. The more you and your coworkers utilize the Chamber’s resources, the greater ROI you will see. 
Tell your nonmember colleagues and associates about joining TwinWest. As our membership numbers grow, so do your benefits as a Chamber member: more networking opportunities, increased clout in the legislative process, and enhanced programming.
As with most things, you get out what you put in. When you get involved, be visible and help others succeed in their efforts, you'll see the return on your investment. Many of our testimonials from current members say the same thing.
It takes time, commitment and patience to build solid relationships that will improve your bottom line. Stick with it!

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