Sponsorship and Advertising


As a TwinWest Chamber of Commerce member, you have joined a regionally recognized organization that is committed to helping local businesses succeed, strengthening the area we serve, and improving the economic climate in the region and state.

How you realize the return on your investment will vary depending on the size and needs of your company. For smaller businesses and startups, key benefits include networking opportunities and increased visibility through advertising.  Larger companies may find more value in using TwinWest as a channel for regional philanthropy, giving employees opportunities to fine-tune their professional skills, and supporting the Chamber’s public policy work and economic workforce development initiatives.

Whatever your goals, TwinWest is here to help you achieve them. Take advantage of our events, programs, and other resources, and you’ll see the results as you grow your business and improve your community.

Sponsorship Opportunities

EVENT/PROGRAM                             INVESTMENT           DATE
Ribbon Cutting                                   $0                               As scheduled
Monthly Networking Event                $150                           Monthly
Business Education Partnership   $250 - $1000            Year Round
Annual Celebration                           $400 - $5,000            October
Golf Classic                                       $400 - $3,500            August
Legislative Breakfast Series           $400 - $6,000            Monthly/annually
Small Business Awards                  $500 - $3,500            May
TwinWest Gala                                  $500 - $7,500            March
Leadership Series                            $400 - $2,000            January/annually

Member Orientation                          $1,200                         Annually

Marketing & Advertising Opportunities

PUBLICATION/VEHICLE                             INVESTMENT             DATE
TwinWest Home Page Sponsorship        $300                             Monthly
TwinWest Web Banner Advertisement     $200                             Monthly
50 Words for $50 Email                              $50                               Weekly
Membership Directory                                 $50 - $3,240               January

For more information on any of these opportunities, contact TwinWest at 763.450.2220.


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Sponsorship Opportunities




Ribbon Cutting $75 As scheduled

Exhibit Table at Overtime/Expo $160 Twice a year

Business Showcase $200 Monthly

Overtime $200 Monthly

New Member Packet Sponsor $200 Annually

TwinWest Web Site Page Sponsorship $300-$500 Monthly

Annual Celebration $300 - $5,000 October

Annual Golf Classic $400 - $3,500 August

Legislative Breakfast Series $400 - $6,000 Monthly/annually

Business Day at the Capitol $650 March

Annual Small Business Awards Luncheon $500 - $3,500 May

Annual Gala $500 - $7,500 March

Leadership TwinWest Series $1,000 - $3,000 September

Inside Politics Series $1,500 October 2011

Emerging Leaders Program $2,000 January/annually


Advertising Opportunities



Member-to-member online discount listing $40 - $50 By request

Online Event Calendar $50 Through date of event

“Weekly Snapshot”: 50 Words for $50 $50 - $100 Weekly

Annual Membership Directory $50 - $3,240 January

Directions Magazine $65 - $2,500 10 times per year

Mailing Labels $250 - $350 By request

Gold Web Listing $200 Annually

TwinWest Area Map $395 - $1,200 Summer


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