TwinWest Business Gives

businessgivesSince the late 1960’s, Minnesota businesses have been recognized nationally for their corporate citizenship.  This leadership continues today and the TwinWest  Chamber of Commerce is pleased to join with other Minnesota communities in a program to support and recognize local businesses for their efforts to build strong communities through their charitable contributions and community involvement.

TwinWest Business Gives is associated with Minnesota Business Gives, a program managed by the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce in partnership with local chambers.  The program grew out of a statewide project called Building Business Investment in Community (BBIC).

BBIC researchers interviewed close to 600 businesses of all sizes and types throughout Minnesota.  That research confirmed that, regardless of size, there is strong support by businesses for charitable giving and community involvement. Businesses give back to their local communities in many ways in addition to cash contributions—donation of products and services, support for employee volunteerism, and leadership for community causes are just a few.

BBIC recognized that there is a strong foundation of businesses committed to making their communities good places to live and work.  The challenge was to find ways to build on that foundation—to assist businesses in being strategic in their giving and to recognize them for their efforts.

Businesses in TwinWest are significant contributors to the quality of life in our community. TwinWest Business Gives will strengthen, expand and recognize those efforts.

For more information on TwinWest Business Gives contact the Chamber office at (763) 450-2220.


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