Why Use a TwinWest Member?

TwinWest members are a part of a powerful, committed network business and community leaders who bring together local vision and unity within a regional context. While they are focused on running the best organization they can, they also understand they are part of something bigger—the community.

TwinWest members strive to make the western suburbs an ideal location to work, live, play and visit.

According to a national study by the Atlanta-based Shapiro Group, participation in a chamber of commerce impacts consumers and their purchasing decisions.

Here are a few of the study’s findings:

- When a consumer know a business is a member of the local chamber they are 44% more likely to think favorably about the business.

- Consumers are 63% more likely to buy goods and services in the future from a company that they believe is a member of the local chamber of commerce.

Support TwinWest member through your purchases because they support your community.




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