Kids at Work

Purpose: To create a cost-effective on-site learning program that diminishes the achievement gap and prepares youth in the Meadowbrook Kids_at_Workneighborhood of St. Louis Park for success in kindergarten.

Assessment: In early childhood, assessment is the process of observing, recording and otherwise documenting the work children do and how they do it, as a basis for a variety of educational decisions that affect the child. This includes planning for groups and individual children and communicating with parents.

Curriculum: An organized framework that delineates the content children are to learn, the process through which children achieve the identified curricular goals, what teachers do to help these children achieve these goals, and the context in which teaching and learning occur.


Meadowbrook at a glance…

The Meadowbrook Collaborative was established in 1993 to address quality of life issues in the Meadowbrook neighborhood of St. Louis Park. Today, Meadowbrook’s programming offers services in the areas of health, safety and education to the neighborhood’s 1,200 residents.  This programming includes academic support for students of all ages, service learning, crime prevention activities, mentoring and leadership skills.  Activities promote family stability and prepare youth to take a leadership role in an effort to create systemic change in the Meadowbrook neighborhood and beyond.

“When we serve the children, we reach the entire family, learning other ways we can provide support. I am so very thankful, for this opportunity to reach our youngest learners... and their families. Just another way for me to say thank you to the TwinWest Foundation.”

-Linda Trummer, Meadowbrook Collaborative


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