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  • 911: Running PPC Ads? Do You Know Your ACTUAL Traffic Numbers?

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    911: Running PPC Ads? Do You Know Your ACTUAL Traffic Numbers?
    Most business owners running PPC ads through Adwords or Facebook think they know what their numbers are regarding traffic to their ads and landing pages, but new studies show that the numbers you may be looking at are deceiving. If you are relying on Google Analytics to check your numbers, then you don’t know your actual numbers for your ad traffic. We’ve been testing thousands of ads and have seen that the actual traffic often is not even in the same city or country that the business is located in.
    I was viewing real Google Analytics with a chiropractic business in Cincinnati yesterday after 30 days of an Adwords campaign. The Google Analytics showed that in 30 days there were 1,138 visitors to their website directed from clicks on the ad. After our careful scrutiny, we saw that only 211 visitors were actually from Ohio! The rest of this reported ad campaign traffic was coming from Mexico, Europe, Tahiti, and other states in the US - 927 visitors!
    This is no joke; many businesses are going out of business because they are paying several thousands of dollars in CPC campaigns each month and are not getting the return on their investment.
    How Google Analytics works is through java script, and the data is collected after a searcher has left the page. It is reported that two-thirds of millennials are blocking their ads or searching incognito, so their data isn’t reported at all. So the traffic that was going to the Cincinnati Chiropractor’s site was from either bots, bored Mexicans or Europeans.
    We had checked the real numbers of traffic going to that ad campaign for the Cincinnati Chiropractor on a server level - which means the data is reported before the page is loaded. That is how we found the actual traffic going to their site from the ad that was placed. The good news is that the Chiropractor is getting business from the ad and should keep doing what is working, but change what isn’t. It’s important to know where your real dollars are going to your ads so you can be increasing your business.

    If you are running ads currently and are interested in knowing the real information, we would be happy to do that for you. For FREE. This offer is good for the next two weeks only so; please contact us here to get started - Premier SEO Ninjas: Minneapolis SEO. We will need a brief conversation with you before we get started and we’ll evaluate your ad campaign traffic for seven days (FREE). 
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