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  • Advance your priorities in Washington

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    Advance your priorities in Washington
    By Doug Loon
    Minnesota businesses have their hands full navigating the global economy and dealing with circumstances out of their control. That’s why the Minnesota Chamber and our local chamber partners work every day at the Legislature to bring certainty to rules and regulations and to advance policies to strengthen the business environment.
    Though our primary focus is at the State Capitol, we keep our eyes peeled on the nation’s capital, too. Actions there can have an equally significant impact on everyday business operations. We invite you to join the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce Executives and business leaders June 14-16 in Washington D.C., to meet firsthand with federal lawmakers.
    President Trump promised sweeping actions as the nation’s new chief executive, and he’s wasting no time. His administration is gaining more and more of attention of Minnesota businesses. Look at a sampling of headlines.
    “Mexican border tax could throttle Minnesota farmers.” “Some Minnesota businesses concerned with immigration order.” “NAFTA, Minnesota and what comes next?” “Minnesota regulators feel caught in middle as Feds pare rules.” “Minnesota health care groups don't back GOP replacement bill.”
    The national dynamics have changed significantly as the Trump administration and Congress give greater visibility to critical business issues ranging from tax reform, trade and immigration to health care, the regulatory environment and infrastructure investment. The debate and uncertainty around issues like these gives some urgency to business advocacy in Washington. Organizations like the U.S. Chamber and National Association of Manufacturers can’t do this on their own. They need the grassroots muscle that comes from when you talk with our congressional delegation.
    We had a hugely successful Business Day at the Capitol. With more than 600 business leaders from across the state joining together in St. Paul to meet with their elected officials, the statewide business community’s agenda before the Legislature received a big boost.

    The next stop is our annual trip to Washington, D.C. We look forward to another strong showing of Minnesota business leaders. As a business leader, employer and constituent, you are in a distinctive position to advise lawmakers on decisions that will help keep Minnesota businesses strong and help grow our state’s economy.
    Details are being filled in, but our Washington agenda will include meetings with key administration and agency leaders plus appointments with the Minnesota congressional delegation. We will coordinate a “Minnesota dinner” for our attendees. If you are interested in receiving the agenda and registration information, please contact Jennifer Byers at 
    Together we will make an impact and advance policies to make Minnesota ready for the future.
    Doug Loon is president of the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce – 
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