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  • Could Government Mandated Employee Benefits be Contagious?

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    The Minneapolis City Council is proposing an ordinance known as the Working Families Agenda.  The ordinance contains mandates for businesses on earned sick time and scheduling.  TwinWest Chamber of Commerce has joined the Workforce Fairness Coalition that is working to respond to this overreach of city government and inappropriate governing of private-sector business and the employee/employer relationship. 
    There are a number of provisions in the Working Families Agenda that are concerning and will impact every business and every employee across the city.  The mandates outlined in the proposal seek to insert the City of Minneapolis into an inappropriate role between employers and employees which includes mandating benefits without regard to market conditions or the businesses’ ability to provide them.  In today’s environment where workforce is tight and both employers and employees need flexibility, this one-size-fits-all approach is unworkable for businesses in many industries.  Can you imagine trying to predict a snowstorm so you can schedule the snow plow operators 28 days in advance or trying to predict how many emergencies a hospital will have on any given day or how many people will procrastinate filing their tax returns?  It seems irrational to expect that businesses could predict the future, but this ordinance requires just that.  Workplace flexibility is a highly-valued by both employers and their employees.  It helps employers retain a talented, quality workforce and accommodates employees who need and value the flexibility.  Any intervention in that relationship seems way outside the City’s scope of authority or jurisdiction.
    A complete overview of the proposed agenda can be found in this concise one-page hand-out developed by the Workforce Fairness Coalition.  For more information on this issue and how you can be involved, please access www.WorkforceFairnessCoalition.com .  The City Council is taking comments on the proposed legislation until October 16th.  The website will guide you on how to share your comments with city councilors on the proposed Working Families Agenda.   Thank you for your interest! 
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