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    Recently I’ve been receiving an e-mail warning that “one new negative item was posted to my public record.”   Considering my day to day activities, ‘negative’ must be a synonym for mundane.  Don’t get me wrong, I have a great life, but a negative item reported on me is more likely to end up in a Miss Manners column than a headline.  But, we are curious and want to protect our reputation and cyber criminals count on this.  Now, I’ve read countless articles that warn me not to click on any links in an e-mail received from someone I don’t know.  So, I hit delete and move on with my day.
    Last week, TwinWest Chamber co-hosted the Cybersecurity Essentials Conference where I learned that this practice is called ‘spearfishing’ and clicking on that link could actually open a door, allowing cyber criminals access to otherwise secure data.  In fact, unknowing employees are a bigger threat to a company’s security than almost anything else.    
    What can your company do to ensure that your network and data are secure?  A list of low-cost tips providing security access for every business is listed below and you can learn more about each by clicking here to access the U.S. Chamber’s cyber security toolkit. 
    1. Set Up a Secure System
    2. Protect Business Data
    3. Train Your Workforce
    4. Be Prepared
    Every desktop computer or handheld device is vulnerable to attack.  For more information and resources on ensuring your own network is secure, the U.S. Chamber has gathered some useful links and cyber security resources, all of which can be found at this link
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