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    On January 14 a group of students exited a school bus at Emerson, a company committed to innovation and solutions that bring greater value to their customers. Emerson began working with TwinWest and one of our high schools weeks ago because they are committed to developing and retaining a K-12 talent pipeline.
    When the students entered the building after weeks of working on an Emerson challenge back in their classroom with some coaching from Emerson team members, they were excited and maybe a bit nervous. The students varied in background, with one brave and committed female amongst them. When asked at the start of our morning what they hoped to get from this experience, we heard things like: connection to what they are learning in class, better understanding of the different careers and opportunities, and an understanding for how their work all comes together.
    I joined one group of students as they went to a training facility where they got to see and learn more about the company and how they do their work. My own husband works in manufacturing, so I am familiar with words like pressure, flow and force, though truth be told, most of this goes over my head. The students, however, all of whom were taking one or more manufacturing classes, were engaged, asking thoughtful questions.

    But perhaps the best part of the morning was when they presented their own projects to us and the Emerson team members. Some groups excelled and others struggled in aspects of this work, but ALL learned a great deal about engineering, coding, process improvement, teamwork, and presenting to and for a customer. I only wish my own kids had this experience. If this comment isn’t enough, let our survey results from the students, Emerson staff and our educators tell the story.  All rated this experience highly.  Students indicated that they learned new things and were interested in the company and industry. The teacher saw students energized and engaged in their learning. For Emerson, they were able to provide a great engagement opportunity to team members that they see as helping them foster a talent pipeline. To see this work in action, stay tuned as we will be releasing a video of this experience soon! To engage in this work, just set up a profile here.
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