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  • Member Post: Do You Want To Get The Most Out Of Your Corporate Painting Event?!

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    Our private events are the perfect way to spend time with a group of friends or co-workers, having the studio space to yourselves and watching one another come to life, creatively. We are constantly booking private parties, watching people have fun in this creative environment, and hearing amazing feedback from the party-goers! 

    We’d like to offer some information about not only our painting and wine classes, but also the lengths that you can go to help your corporate event, be as productive as possible, while still being fun! If you’re in or around the Twin Cities, Edina, Bloomington, Hopkins, Excelsior, Minnetonka, Wayzata, or Eden Prairie, come visit our studio in St. Louis Park!!! 

    What are some of the benefits of hosting your next office party with us?: 

    1- You can customize the event to the specifications and needs of your guests. 
    *Booking a party with us, allows you choose the date and time that best works for you, as well as the painting of your choice! The painting choice, not only includes what picture you will be re-creating, but also the style of the way you paint, too. 
    *We offer various styles of classes, such as collaborative styles that help to encourage bonding and teamwork amongst your office members. While we always have the option of each person, creating their own 16”x20” painting, and taking it home for themselves, we have a lot of excellent alternate options, as well, such as: 

    -Collaborative Painting 
    *All members work together on a large canvas or a collection of large canvases, to create one large piece of artwork that everyone came together and helped to create! 

    -Puzzle Painting: 
    *Another way your team members can work together and constantly communicate to create a very large painting, made up of multiple, individual canvases! Each person (or group of people, depending on the way you'd like to go...) will paint a section of the overall painting and at the end of the class, all of the canvases get pushed together to form one whole painting! 
    (*This is one of our most popular corporate selections, especially if you have a large, blank wall in the office that needs some artwork!) There's something so incredible about individuals working together to each create one small piece of an overall product... much like how they all contribute in their own way at work, but it all comes together to help their company in one way or another! 

    -Mystery Painting: 
    *Another fun one! In this scenario, the boss or person in charge of planning the event may select the painting but no one knows what the final product will look like until they are finally finished at the end of class! 

    -Musical Painting: 
    *Much like musical chairs, you sit in a seat for a direction or two, then the artist asks everyone to stand up and move to another seat of their choice or can even utilize the music as guests walk around and have to sit when the music stops! This is another fun way to have a collaboration-style painting class where multiple people work on one canvas to create a final masterpiece in the end. 
    *this is another one that the party planner can decide upon before arrival and keep secret until the first move! 

    2- Your corporate team members will converse and get to know one another, outside of the office. 
    *Our painting parties are always a fun, unique, and social event. There’s something about bringing people together to get in touch with their inner-artist, that helps to bring up we and interesting conversations in a relaxed and creative environment. A glass of wine and some tasty food, are also great ways of introducing social mingling, before or after the painting, too. 

    3- Employees will have something to show for their time and hard work, after the class is over. 
    *There’s just something about starting with a blank canvas and ending up with a completed painting that you created from start to finish, that provides a sense of accomplishment. So many of our customers are first-time painters who come in saying they “can’t paint”, and then leave the class, proudly showing off what they actually COULD paint! Whether everyone is creating their own painting or it’s a team-work effort, the souvenir masterpiece that your team will leave with, will provide them with the feeling of fun memories and the applied talent that they put into the artwork, every time they see it! 

    While the easy part is booking the party, the tricky part might be figuring out how to get more out of your corporate event than just a finished painting, in the end. We have a lot of offices, asking if (and how) they’re able to work a meeting into the event at our studio, so they can continue to go over work-related information, but still incorporate a fun painting in, as well. We absolutely can assist you with anything you might need, in that area! 

    How can you hold a meeting at your private event, and how can we help? 

    1- We have some basic equipment that will assist you in your meeting needs! 
    *We have a microphone, hooked up to our AV system. The speakers are loud and clear, and the microphone give you the control to talk, with everyone, easily hearing you. 

    2- A great environment. 
    *We have a large space, with tables and chairs, so it’ll feel like you’re in a meeting at the office. You’ll be surrounded by colorful paintings, making it an extra enjoyable and colorful space to talk business! 

    3- We cater to YOU! 
    *Remember that this is YOUR event. Tell us what you need and the timeline that you wish, and we will arrange it for you. The most common way we see a meeting/paint party timeline work is: 
    - 30min- 1 hour (more or less as you need), for the meeting 
    - 30 min or so for drinks and food, and to mingle and converse and get in the mood to paint! 
    - 2 hour painting class, guided step-by-step, with the painting and style of class that you choose! 

    **Please read some additional and very useful information on the link, at the bottom of the page, titled, '6 Steps To Off-Site Meeting Success' 

    We hope you’ll book your corporate event with us soon! Remember that we are an excellent choice for your annual holiday party, too! We’ve provided more information and tips on hosting your holiday event, here: 

    Have a wonderful holiday season, and feel free to call or email us, or even stop in if you need anything at all! We’re here for you! 

    "Our work team of 50 needed a unique spot for team building and thankfully we selected Pinots Palette! Everyone enjoyed painting, even those who didn’t think they would, as Jessica made it easy, approachable and fun. The staff was very service oriented and created a warm environment. The space worked well to enjoy food and refreshments, mingling and of course the painting. We hope to go to PP again! " - Jan Dick, Minnesota Hearts institute and Foundation.

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