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    I had a friend ask me an interesting question the other day – “How long have you been wearing the same makeup?” When I thought about it, I realized that my foundation dated back at least 12 years, my brand of mascara and eyeliner had stayed the same for 25 years, and truly, the only thing that had changed over the years was my lipstick. And that was only because they kept discontinuing my favorite colors, so I had to bounce around to many different ones.

    My friend wasn’t trying to stump me – she was honestly curious. “So, your face has changed considerably over the years – but you’re using the same products, even the same application?” I gulped out a sheepish, “Yes,” as I asked, “What should I be doing?” Here’s what she said:

    In Your 20’s:

    You should be keenly aware of products that irritate your face, leading to possible breakouts and redness. Your 20’s is when you “experiment” – because one-third of women in their 20’s suffer from acne. Start with a visit to your dermatologist or a Fantasia Skin Care Specialist, who uses professional-grade products to start off with a clean and blemish-free palette. To clear up just an occasional breakout, doctors recommend salicylic acid products, or ask your Fantasia Skin Care Specialist about SkinCeuticals Retinol 1.0 cream. Retinol is the only ingredient proven to treat acne and prevent wrinkles. The number one advice for skin in your 20’s? Wear sunscreen – all over. You’ll thank yourself when you’re older. Try a simple sheer foundation, from Jane Iredale’s foundation line featuring tinted moisturizers and BB Crème’s. When your foundation is too opaque, you lose that youthful glow. As for eyes and lips, ask your Fantasia specialist to recommend the best color palette for your face – and then stick to that. As you age, your skin tone and texture will change, and you may need a new color palette – so be aware of those changes!

    In Your 30’s:

    By the time you reach your mid-30’s, you’re either fully entrenched in your career – or motherhood – or both! This is when stress lines can start to appear, including dark splotches and uneven skin tone. Use a full-coverage makeup like Fantasia’s Jane Iredale’s Mineral Foundation in a shade that complements your skin tone and camouflages those dark spots. Apply the makeup to your entire face, but use a light touch across the jawline and chin, so you can blend the color easily onto your décolletage. You may decide that your eyes need a little help at this age, too. Think about eyelash extensions, eyebrow styling, even tinting and shaping.

    In Your 40’s:

    The key to your 40’s is to draw attention away from your less attractive features – and towards your most attractive ones. Blush and contouring can bring attention up towards your eyes, which you can highlight with a new liquid liner, volumizing mascara, and brows that are classic – and also current. Your foundation may be outdated now, and not suitable for your 40’s complexion. This is a great time to check with your Fantasia Skin Care specialist and “try out” new trends – like smoky eyes – and see if they bring out your best. You may also consider a concealer, to disguise those under-eye bags, or fine crow’s feet around both the lips and eyes. A Fantasia Skin Care Specialist can recommend the best shade match and the proper application.

    In Your 50’s:

    I admit it – I used the exact same foundation in my late 30’s, 40’s, and up to my 50’s. That’s when I decided to try mineral makeup – time-saver! I also found mineral makeup smoothed those fine lines and wrinkles that were beginning to appear. While fast and easy, powder makeup can also be too drying, and although I had suffered with oily skin my whole life, I didn’t want to suddenly go to the other extreme. A luminous, moisturizing liquid foundation like Glo Mineral’s Luxe foundation, can give your skin a fresh look – and that’s at any age! I had always worn medium or dark foundation – but when my Fantasia Skin Care Specialist recommended a lighter tone, I was surprised by how much radiance it added to my complexion. You may also want to switch to a bronzer instead of a blush, which looks more natural and adds a pop of color where you need it most. Don’t forget those eyebrows and eyelashes – for many, they can be your best feature!

    In Your 60’s:

    My mother always said I would hate my oily skin and the frequent acne breakouts in my teens and 20’s, but would LOVE it in my later years. Wow, was she right – I have very few fine lines or wrinkles, and practically none of the drooping and sagging skin that friends my age complain about.

    In your 60’s, you may find that your makeup actually ages you. If your skin is slightly harsh, consider a milder, paler shade, but if it’s just looking a little tired, try a warmer foundation, and don’t forget the concealer. My Fantasia Skin Care Specialist says to be careful of trying products that may look better on the youth- don’t “overdo” your brows, or your eyes in general.

    One problem I have is lip bleed, but when I met with my Fantasia Skin Care Specialist, she said I should try a lip brush or lip liner – and sure enough, that did the trick! And remember – brow styling and tinting, and eyelash extensions are ideal for ALL ages… so live a little.

    And THAT’S how you put your Best Face Forward in 2017! Happy New Year, everyone!


    Colleen Szot is a passionate client of Fantasia Salon and has been a writer for over 40 years. Featured in Steve Dworman’s best selling book as the only writer highlighted, Colleen has established herself on the writing stage as a voice to be trusted.

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