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  • Member Post: Simple Steps to Saving your Battery Life!

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    Your cell phone battery is the life force of your phone. When it runs out of juice, the phone dies. Usually when you need it most. Today’s larger displays and processor-intensive apps demand a lot of power, but here are some easy ways to keep your battery healthy and make it last longer.
    Don’t leave your phone in your car or in direct sunlight. Extreme heat is a battery killer. If your phone does get hot, let it cool down before you start using it to avoid damaging the battery. And don’t run it all the way down. Discharging the battery fully puts extra strain on it. Recharge frequently to keep the battery as close to a full charge as possible.
    If you are away from your charger for a long time, you can extend battery life by closing applications running in the background, avoiding flash photography or using the flashlight, video and apps that use GPS tracking. Turn off the vibrate function, too.
    Never use a charger that is not specifically for your cell phone. Although the connectors may look the same, some newer phones have higher amperage chargers that will ruin older batteries. If you can’t get your phone to recharge, bring it by our shop and we will install a new battery for you.
    CPR Cell Phone Repair is located at the corner of Highway 55 and County Road 24, near Rainbow Foods. Open 10am to 7pm Monday through Friday, Saturday 11am to 5pm. Call us at 763-568-7041 or get a free repair estimate by going to www.cpr-plymouth.com.
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