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    A new fitness studio brings an intriguing healthcare device to Plymouth.

    Former French bodybuilder Sebastian Lagree developed a fitness machine with five principles in mind: cardio, flexibility, balance, core and strength. Now, Plymouth boasts the only Megaformer model M35 fitness machine in the state, Lagree Fitness Studio owner Chandra Rachel says.

    The Megaformer uses spring resistance to reach a variety of muscle groups with every move. The poses are slow, controlled and monitored by one of Rachel’s certified instructors. “I’m always watching, fixing people’s poses,” Rachel says. “[The exercise technique] was developed from Pilates, so it makes sense when people compare the two.”

    Lagree Fitness offers classes six to eight times on weekdays, and four to five times on weekends. Classes have a cap of 11 spots, to provide an intimate setting in which people of all levels can leave feeling accomplished.

    “People have a love-hate relationship with it,” Rachel says, noting her students describe the results as “a good hurt.” Using one of these machines two to three times a week maximizes fat burn, and the exertion muscles undergo can leave them working for 24 to 48 hours following completion, maximizing that burn. The first class is complimentary, and subsequent classes vary in price (clients can purchase a package with a set number of classes, or monthly or unlimited class packages).

    Accessibility and a low-impact approach to toning and elongating muscles set Lagree apart from many of today’s trending workout regimens. The 40–50 minutes spent on a Megaformer prove extremely efficient for those struggling to make time for exercise. “People are excited and really responding,” Rachel says of Plymouthites who’ve tried the new studio.

    Well aware that the blistering cold adds another
    challenge to staying fit, Chandra Rachel offers tips for staying in shape
    during the winter months:

    -“Take advantage of any opportunity to spend time
    outdoors.” Activities such as snowshoeing, going for a run or even a brisk walk
    are excellent choices for days when the wind-chill is on the friendlier side of

    -“Figure out a routine, and include family or
    friends.” Getting active with others creates a sense of community and gives
    everyone a chance to encourage and support one another.

    -“Prepare healthy meals ahead of time.”
    Maintaining a healthy lifestyle tends to be easier when one sticks to a plan,
    including the meals you eat. Cooking ahead of time helps avoid the temptation
    of quick solutions, which, while comforting, might not always be healthy.

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