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  • Open Position - President of the TwinWest Chamber of Commerce

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    Position Description | President

    TwinWest Chamber of Commerce is a business organization comprised of 700 businesses that employ 55,000 people in the west metro of the Twin Cities.  Our regional presence encompasses 10 cities in arguably the most dynamic business economy in Minnesota. 

    TwinWest’s members represent a variety of businesses and industries, ranging from national and internationally renowned corporations and industrially driven manufacturers, to home-based businesses and companies involved in the service and professional sectors.

    TwinWest is reputably the most active chamber of commerce in the region, due in large part to a group of dedicated volunteers whose civic leadership serves our committees, our Board of Directors, our Foundation, and our many events and programs.

    At TwinWest, we are passionate about the success of business.

    Our Mission
    TwinWest is an advocate for business.  We are the voice of business in government and provide our members opportunities to grow their businesses and improve their communities.

    Our Value Statements
    MEMBERS: We care about our stakeholders. How we develop and implement programs, policies and services results in an engaged membership, a sense of inclusivity and a fun social environment.
    ADVOCACY: We impact the business climate. We involve and inform members and influence public policy. We provide opportunities for members to advocate for one another.
    ENTREPRENEURSHIP: We operate with an entrepreneurial spirit. We are proactive, innovative, creative and forward thinking.
    GROWTH & DEVELOPMENT: We foster personal and professional growth and business and economic development.
    COMMUNITY: We enrich our communities through our philanthropic activities and partnerships with schools and local governments.
    Position Summary
    The president of the TwinWest Chamber of Commerce is responsible for leading and executing strategic direction for the organization through a changing market and regulatory environment.  The president is also responsible for increasing membership, managing staff, coordinating activities, and implementing policies established by the Board of Directors.
    Primary Responsibilities
    1. Leadership                                                                           
    - Provide vision and leadership to the TwinWest Chamber and its affiliates (TwinWest Foundation; TwinWest Political Action Committee)
    - Serve as the primary spokesperson for the business community in the TwinWest area
    2. Membership Development                                        
    - Responsible for overall growth objectives
    - Ensure strong member retention
    - Attract new members
    - Build trust and loyalty with members and encourage productive member involvement
    - Develop future leaders
    3. Organization and Financial Management                                                
    - Build an organization of excellence focused on strong governance, effective staff, and engaged volunteers
    - Develop an annual budget and ensure sound financial management practices
    - Review financial statements regularly and work with outside bookkeeper and CPA
    - Direct fundraising activities
    4. Strategy and Tactics         
    - Coordinate and evaluate the work of staff and committees/taskforces
    - Execute the Strategic Plan and oversee action steps in the Plan of Action
    5. Community Affairs                                                         
    - Work with staff, Business Councils, and government units; partner with community organizations to provide the business perspective on community goals
    - Communicate via correspondence, publications, and news releases to advance the business community
    6. Public Policy and Advocacy                                         
    - Coordinate grassroots government action on business-related issues
    - Communicate positions taken by the Chamber to media and government officials
    - Identify issues raised by members that impact businesses
    - Inform members about key issues and solicit input
    7. Industry Development and Partnerships                                                
    -  Participate in association and chamber activities to further the industry and strengthen the voice of businesses
    Competencies & Qualifications
    1. Interpersonal Skills
    - Exercise diplomacy in interpersonal relations and in resolving conflicts
    - Represent the organization and the chamber industry in an effective manner
    - Establish and maintain working relationships with the Board of Directors, employees, committees, governmental units, civic groups, and the general public
    - Portray a positive image for the Chamber and its affiliates
    2. Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities                                            
    - Ability to effectively work with a Board of Directors
    - Ability to utilize financial statements and budgeting skills
    - Fundraising and membership sales experience
    - Human resource and volunteer management skills
    - Understanding of the political process at the local, state, and national levels
    - Ability to communicate effectively orally and in writing
    - Ability to develop and maintain effective working relationships with members, staff, outside organizations and agencies, and the general public
    - Ability to work independently, determine priorities and make appropriate decisions
    - Flexibility and ability to work under changing priorities and manage multiple projects
    - Ability to handle confidential information in a trustworthy manner
    - Ability to provide exceptional customer service to members and non-members
    3. Preferred Qualifications
    - Five+ years in chamber of commerce, or trade association management or relevant field
    - Bachelor’s degree required, Master’s degree or other advanced degree preferred
    Job Context
    1. Reports to 21 member Board of Directors
    2. Supervises five fulltime staff members and two contract workers
    3. Manages affiliates (TwinWest Foundation and TwinWest Political Action Committee)
    4. Interacts effectively with TwinWest members, nonmembers, volunteers, staff, business leaders, community organizations, and government
    5. Must pass pre-employment background check and screening and be eligible for employment based on state and federal law
    6. Travel outside office and work outside of traditional office hours required
    Interested candidates should email a cover letter with salary history and resume by:
    October 4, 2016, to:
    Attention: Matt Schadow, Board Chair
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