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  • Shifting Work Force Brings New Business Challenges

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    Since its inception in the 1980's, the TwinWest Foundation has been providing educational scholarships to students of all ages to continue their education in traditional colleges and also 2-year degree programs.  The local business community has always been supportive of education and the TwinWest Foundation has been a great steward of both raising and distributing funds to qualified candidates.  While we have always focused on the scholarship recipients as being the primary benefactors of the program, businesses could very well be  the big winners as we move forward.

    Today, business leaders are increasingly seeing a shortage of qualified workers across a variety of industries.  As such, the focus of raising funds for educational scholarships has new energy and purpose.  Without a strong workforce, companies will have difficulty growing here in the Twin Cities, which has never been an issue in the past.  In fact, our city is home to thousands of businesses in large part because we have always had a strong labor pool. However, that labor pool is bumping up against high employment levels, making it more important to nurture new “homegrown” talent. We are facing some labor shortages, particularly in the manufacturing and construction trades, which is limiting our local economic growth potential.

    As we move toward 2016, the TwinWest Foundation will continue to focus on raising funds for workforce development through educational scholarships and training initiatives.  In addition, the Foundation is examining opportunities to connect both current and potential students with TwinWest member companies regarding open job positions, and the degree or training requirements needed to become qualified candidates for these job openings, as well as potential internship opportunities.  Finally, we are examining our historical labor pool along with new potential labor pools to fill our current employment gaps.

    The benefits of giving to the TwinWest Foundation continue to grow for business owners and executives.  Only with a strong labor pool will we continue to reinforce our great local companies with human capital, as well as providing new talent for entrepreneurs to create the next generation of businesses right here in the Twin Cities.
    On behalf of the TwinWest Foundation, we look forward to your continued financial investment as we tackle these important business issues being faced here in our own community.  Our primary fundraising begins in October and your company will be contacted soon about the importance of investing in our workforce development and scholarship programs. 
    Thank you for your support!

    Wayne Teig
    TwinWest Foundation Chair           
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