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  • What Are the Top 10 Characteristics of Authority Websites?

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    Content is original

    Start thinking about how you can create unique content to deliver to your visitors. Fresh content is what drives the entire internet. Your visitors will repeatedly return to your site, and they’ll notice when your content isn’t new. This will be a turn-off, and they’ll most likely unsubscribe from your RSS feeds or newsletters. To counteract this dilemma, you must provide fresh content. If you’re frequently posting this content doesn’t need to be lengthy articles – it can be posts of a couple of hundred words.


    Traffic Volume Is High

    Many people have the belief that getting lots of traffic to your site is hard, and it takes a lot of work. Creating dynamic content is the key element. It’s not all about On-page and Off-page traditional SEO, using keywords and link-building tactics. It is about posting content and then utilizing Web 2.0s to start driving traffic to your site. This process still is time-consuming, but it’s more fun and easier than traditional SEO.


    You have to work on creating a beautiful website. One that people will love to come back to time and time again.

    I’m sure you’re putting a lot of effort and time into getting people to your site, so you don’t want to lose them. You want to engage them – have them look around, sign up for a newsletter, and get them immersed in your content. If your site doesn’t give the viewer information they want with easy functionality and it isn’t attractive, then they won’t want to come back. Consider the colors that are displayed and the images and make them outstanding. Conversion rates are much higher when a site is graphically appealing and appropriate to the industry in which it serves. Put the time in to think about your site’s branding, logo, and colors. If this is difficult for you, you may want to consult with a graphic designer.

    Dynamic Content

    All your writing or content needs to be dynamic. You can implement tools to broadcast valuable content on your site, and you can allow visitors to reuse your content and plug it into their desktop RSS reader (RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication). This process allows visitors to grab your content in a reader on their computer so that they don’t need to keep digging through your site searching for fresh content. When new content is posted many readers can even alert the users.

    Essentially Self-Promoting

    There are easy ways of promoting your site through Web 2.0 properties and technologies such as RSS feeds, tag and ping, and post and rank. It’s almost like listing in a directory when your content is distributed by social networking platforms. Massive traffic flows through all social networking sites, and people are looking for information will find your site. In turn, you don’t need to be promoting your site constantly because this technology is built into WordPress. You’ll be getting good press just by publishing good content.


    Keep your focus on the visitor – what are they going to think of the article? Is it providing value? If it these things are a go, then the site will be self-optimized. You’ll have to find another way than outsourcing your writing to the cheapest bidder. Good quality content and writers is key.

    Source for Other Sites

    People will naturally desire to link to you if you create great content. You’ll be sought out, and others will be asking you to use your content. Other writers or bloggers will inquire about interviewing you or if you can write an article for them.

    Relationships will be developed with other sites in your same industry. In the beginning, it will seem as though you’re the small fish referencing the big fish and building up your expertise, but it will come to a point when everyone will start looking up to you. Once you develop good material people will want to use it too.

    Shows Expertise in a Niche

    It’s important to become a clear expert in your niche. You will become the go-to whenever anyone has a question about a topic or subject in your niche. Your site will be the first place they will look for relevant info and in turn, the authority site becomes a teacher. Case in point, this is how many people get paid big bucks.


    Authority sites pay close attention to what is working and profitable on their sites. Then they generate ideas of how to get the most possible revenue out of it. How? Check the analytics to find out which pages of your site get the most clicks and use that info to place affiliate links. You can split test to see which products work best and when you’ve found the right combination you could even create your own product in the same niche.

    Frequently Updated

    Consider it to be a daily task – posting content to your site. At the very least, you should be posting a few times per week. If this doesn’t seem feasible, try outsourcing. People go online to learn about a chosen topic – for information, not to buy or be sold to.

    You too can have an authority blog on your website and attract your ideal customers. It all starts with connecting with your audience and giving them value. Once people know you, like you, and trust you they will want to do business with you. I hope you enjoyed these 10 essentials characteristics of authority websites.

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