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    TwinWest is an advocate for business. We are the voice of business in government and provide our members opportunities to grow their businesses and improve their communities. The TwinWest area -encompassing 10 western Twin Cities communities- has over 10,000 employers and includes some of Minnesota’s most dynamic businesses. 

    The TwinWest Chamber of Commerce provides grassroots support for business issues.  It is our priority to ensure the business climate in Minnesota is fair and competitive and provides predictability for Minnesota businesses.  

    For information on opportunities to be involved and make your voice heard in the public policy and the political process, join us at an upcoming Government Affairs Committee meeting. Visit our upcoming events calendar for dates/ times.


  • Business Agenda

    TwinWest supports legislation that will create an improved business climate for our members, our region, and the entire state of Minnesota. Each year, the TwinWest Government Affairs Committee develops policies to drive the Chamber’s efforts during the legislative session. These policies are published in our annual Business Agenda, available online and in print. The Business Agenda is intended to give business leaders a tool to better understand our positions and to get involved in bringing our message to the Capitol.


    2017 TwinWest Legislative Priorities

    Business Tax Relief

    TwinWest supports a competitive tax environment for businesses that encourages       investment and economic growth.

    • Provide meaningful tax relief by first eliminating the automatic escalator and ultimately doing away with the state wide business property tax. 
    • Support efforts to reduce the tax burden on businesses that report business income through personal tax returns
    • Enhance the research and development tax credit
    • Support conforming to the federal threshold on estate taxes


    Health Care

    TwinWest supports policies that ensure access to quality, affordable health care for employers and employees, and transparency in costs and quality.

    • Reform and stabilize the individual market, which supports self-employed and defined contribution arrangements.
    • Make it easier for small employers to self insure
    • Oppose new health care mandates that increase costs



    TwinWest supports protecting employer flexibility to provide benefits appropriate for their workforce and their unique workplace.

    • Support statewide preemption that prevents local governments from enacting a patchwork of workplace regulations
    • Remove the automatic inflator to the state’s minimum wage



    TwinWest supports a safe and efficient multi-modal transportation system that provides for the effective movement of people and goods.

    • Support passage of a 10-year comprehensive transportation plan that includes use of general fund dollars, efficient use of current and future resources, and bonding.
    • Support the completion and on-going operation of the Southwest Light Rail line.


    TwinWest Chamber of Commerce actively monitors activity at the Capitol and acts to ensure that the voice of business is reflected in policies and bills that are introduced that cause concern for Minnesota’s business owners or harm to the Minnesota business climate.  

    For more information on the TwinWest Business Agenda, contact:

    Deb McMillan, Director of Government Affairs
    (763) 450-2225 | deb@twinwest.com



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