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  • Attendance Policy Attendance Policy

    TwinWest is funded by our members through their membership investment and activity participation fees.  We reserve most of our benefits for those that support the organization through membership as they fund our operations and enable our work.

    Contact us at (763) 450-2220 or via email at info@twinwest.com with any questions on our attendance policy.

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  • Conduct Policy Conduct Policy

    Effective: October 1, 2012

    The TwinWest Chamber of Commerce and the related TwinWest Chamber Foundation and TwinWest Political Action Committee (collectively referred to herein as 'TwinWest') is a member-driven organization, and TwinWest's ultimate purpose is to benefit its members and community through TwinWest's activities, advocacy, events, and programs.  TwinWest strives to provide an environment where its members can interact with each other, TwinWest's guests, volunteers, and staff, and third parties such as non-member businesses and individuals, government representatives, and others in an enriching, positive, and respectful environment for the betterment of themselves, the communities TwinWest is a part of, and TwinWest.  TwinWest's credibility, effectiveness, and reputation depend in large part on its members and others conducting themselves in appropriate ways while acting on behalf of TwinWest and while participating in TwinWest activities, events and programs.

    Membership in TwinWest and participating in TwinWest activities, advocacy, events and programs is a privilege and is accompanied by responsibilities.  Among other responsibilities, TwinWest requires all persons involved with TwinWest or participating in any of its activities, advocacy, events, and programs conduct themselves with courtesy, integrity, respect, in ways consistent with commonly understood appropriate social practices, and in full compliance with applicable local, state, and federal laws and regulations.

    Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, TwinWest requires all persons involved with TwinWest or participating in any of its activities, advocacy, events, and programs:

    1. Conduct their business and professional activities in a reputable manner that reflects honorably and positively upon the business community and TwinWest.

    2. Act courteously, with integrity, respectfully, lawfully, and otherwise in ways that are consistent with and contribute positively to the credibility, good reputation, public profile, respect, and status of TwinWest.

    3. Refrain from any acts, behaviors, conduct, practices, or statements that are prohibited by law or are inconsistent with commonly understood appropriate business and social mores and practices in the communities served by TwinWest. Such prohibited acts, behaviors, conduct, practices, or statements include, without limitation, any disparagement, harassment, intimidation, or oppression, whether emotional, physical or verbal in nature, directed at or otherwise involving any TwinWest members, volunteers or staff; any persons or organizations at any TwinWest activities, events, or programs; other organizations or representatives of other organizations that are in any way associated with TwinWest; or other third parties.  Such prohibited acts, behaviors, conduct, practices, and statements specifically include, without limiting the generality of the preceding provisions of this policy, any defamation, slander, or harassment that is gender or sexual in nature or substance.

    This policy is meant to confirm TwinWest's overall expectation and requirement that all persons involved with TwinWest and/or participating in any TwinWest activities, advocacy, events, or programs conduct themselves in appropriate, courteous, lawful, proper and respectful ways.  The statements made in this policy are general directions and governing principles that are ordinarily applicable to, but do not limit or restrict, said overall expectation and requirement.

    Any person observing or believing a violation of this policy has occurred should promptly report the same to the Chamber's President.  If for any reason such person is uncomfortable reporting any such violation to TwinWest's President, he/she should promptly report the same to the Chairperson of the TwinWest Board of Directors.  If for any reason such person is also uncomfortable reporting any such violation to TwinWest's Chairperson of the Board, he/she should promptly report the same to any other member of TwinWest's Board of Directors.

    After investigation, TwinWest may take whatever action its leadership may determinate appropriate in connection with any specific situation, including without limitation, terminating membership, limiting a member's or individual's participation in TwinWest for some period of time, requiring training, and/or barring a particular employee, owners, or other representative of a member from engaging in TwinWest's activities, advocacy, events, or programs for some period of time.  TwinWest will not retaliate against someone who is in good faith reports and violation of this policy as provided for above. This Policy addresses only one aspect of a member's or individual's relationship with TwinWest and does not limit TwinWest's rights related to member or individual conduct in the course of the member's or individual's relationship with TwinWest.

  • Copyright / Disclaimer Policy Copyright / Disclaimer Policy

    The TwinWest Chamber of Commerce Web Site is provided by TwinWest Chamber of Commerce as an informational service. Although the site’s information is available to anyone, TwinWest Chamber of Commerce retains copyrights on all text and graphic images. Therefore, you may not (1) Distribute any of the contents (text or graphics) of this site without the express written permission of TwinWest Chamber of Commerce; (2) Include the information on your own server or in your own documents without TwinWest Chamber of Commerce’s permission; (3) Modify or re-use the text or graphics located on TwinWest Chamber of Commerce’s web site. You may print copies of the information for your own personal use or store files on your own computer for your personal use only.

    TwinWest Chamber of Commerce reserves all other rights.  For permission to utilize copyrighted information on this web site, you may contact TwinWest Chamber of Commerce by phone at (763) 450-2220 or via email at info@twinwest.com

  • Privacy Policy Privacy Policy

    In accordance with Federal law and our respect for your privacy, you can opt out of TwinWest e-mail communications at any time by contacting us at (763) 450-2220. The TwinWest Chamber does not make e-mail addresses commercially available for sale.  In addition, we make every effort to keep our records  up-to-date.  Members may select whether or not they want to have their website listed on twinwest.com. In addition members wishing to have an e-mail address listed for contact reasons may do so.

    We have a third party relationships with credit card processing companies and other solution providers. Our contract with our processor requires them that they comply with Minnesota law concerning the safeguarding of personal information, and prohibit them from using personal information except for the purpose of providing processing services.

    Our members have the choice of opting-in to receive exclusive offers, notifications, news and information via email. At any time, you may choose to unsubscribe or opt-out of receiving these exclusive communications. An easy-to-use link and instructions are provided at the bottom of these types of email communication in the event that you choose to unsubscribe. 

    The e-mail address on file with TwinWest is often used to send confirmation of your order and when we need to contact a registrant regarding a problem with an order or registration. When you complete an online purchase or register for an event, we may need to collect certain personal information for the purpose of processing your purchase or registration. We do not collect, use or distribute the information you provide when making such a purchase or registering of an event for any other purpose.

    Our site uses current technologies to analyze trends, administer the servers, track user movement and gather board demographic information for aggregate use. We take precautions to safeguard the confidentiality of your information. To prevent unauthorized access, maintain data accuracy and ensure the correct use of personal information, we have put in place appropriate physical, electronic and managerial procedures to reasonably safeguard and secure the information we collect online.

    Our website and products are changing frequently and we will update our policy periodically. This policy was last updated March 17, 2011. If you have concerns about the privacy of your information contact us at (763) 450-2220, via email at info@twinwest.com, or at the address listed on the contact us page.

  • Refund Policy Refund Policy

    The Chamber requires payment in advance for admission to all Chamber events, due to commitments to our vendors. Chamber event fees (regardless of attendance) are refundable only if a cancellation notice is received at least one week prior to the event.

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