• Prosper Together

  • Prosper Together is an innovative and exciting new regional strategy and special fund designed to be a “shot of adrenaline” for TwinWest Chamber of Commerce as it seeks to a realize short-term and long-term regional goals pertaining to:

    • Talent Development, Retention and Attraction
    • Public Policy and Advocacy
    • Business Retention and Expansion and Community Advancement
    • Supporting Small Businesses and our Entrepreneurial Ecosystem


    By achieving a base level of funding of $700,000 per year for five years, Prosper Together will better position the western suburbs and Hennepin County to address head on many of our community’s most significant opportunities and challenges.  Please join us by both financially supporting this important work and by assisting us in executing solutions that help us achieve our strategic goals. 

    As a leading regional business organization, TwinWest Chamber of Commerce is expected to play a proactive role in creating a business climate that allows for businesses to grow and prosper.  We are expected to address the major challenges facing not only our businesses, but also our communities.  Throughout 2017, the leadership at TwinWest conducted numerous meetings with key stakeholders – business, government, community, non-profit and organizational leaders.  Our key findings are that we have a strong region, one that is attractive to many. There is a strong desire to have a more robust entrepreneurial and small business sector. Yet we still face major challenges. These challenges include the lack of a pro-business climate, the inability to attract, retain and develop talent, and regional fragmentation.

    In June 2017, we had a leadership retreat of 51 community and business leaders to set the foundation for the future of TwinWest.  Our future is exciting, and it will be grounded in four major strategic initiatives, as well as a new mission for the organization and for the region. 

    We need you to engage with us, support us, invest with us and grow with us.

    We would welcome your engagement as a Prosper Together Investor. For more information, or to set up a one-on-one meeting to learn more, please contact Catherine Reller at (763) 450-2223 or catherine@twinwest.com.  I look forward to your involvement with us.

    -Shannon Full, President/CEO of the TwinWest Chamber of Commerce

    Click here for the Prosper Together brochure.

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